This is a myth we hear a lot. In truth, we care deeply for our union contractors. Without them, PDC 30 wouldn’t exist. It’s our mission to serve as the organization that rewards their quality and hard work with all the benefits they deserve.

Opportunity Knocks

A huge perk of being a union contractor is access to the Finishing Solutions Network. FSN finds contractors work based on their interests and specialties, including wallpaper, painting, flooring, and more. FSN is the middleman that does the legwork to connect you to your ideal job. There is no fee to our contractors for the service. It’s built into the PDC 30 member dues.

Dedicated Contractor Training

Our labor management sector performs a supervisor training program that can greatly benefit contractors. We help break down expenses and day-to-day work to help you realize just how valuable your time is. If you or your team takes an extra 10 minutes at lunch, how does this affect your overall performance goals and profit margins? We can help answer these types of questions as you work to grow your business.

Fighting For You

We possess the zeal to fight for you, even in a court of law. PDC 30 proudly advocates for, and defends contractors in, both the legal and vocational realms. We make sure our contractors are protected, whether it’s defending them in court or protecting them on the jobsite. Each situation is unique, and we approach them differently each time, depending on what’s needed. 

In the past, we’ve also aided contractors and other members in handling OHSA violations. By setting up safety classes and conferences, we have been able to help contractors reduce fines associated with these types of violations. This gets your business back to normal as quickly as possible. We care about your profit margins like they are our own.

Better Work

There are countless companies out there who want responsible and reliable contractors—and are willing to pay more for it. As a PDC 30 contractor, you are able to get more consistent work at a better wage. It’s that simple.

At PDC 30, we are fully invested in your success as a painting, drywall finishing, or glass professional. We are always in your corner, fighting for you on the jobsite and off.

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