When we meet with non-union finishing contractors, “I can’t afford to pay my workers on a union scale” is one of the first objections they have. Then, when they hear the truth, it sounds too good to be true. They’re left wondering what the catch might be.

No catch. Just larger, more lucrative bids.
As a general rule, the union market is larger. Both the number of total projects and the size of individual projects skyrocket in the union market. As an example, you’ll rarely see a non-union project that’s bigger than a two or three story building. Projects in buildings larger than that are awarded almost exclusively to union contractors.

The opportunity to bid larger projects is immediately available to you when you become a union contractor. That means an increase in revenue for you, which is exactly what makes it easy for you to pay your team higher wages.

How union wages work.
When you become a union contractor, your workers start out at a wage that reflects their skill and training. Very often, the wages are lower than what a journey worker would be paid. To receive higher wages and journey worker status, we get them trained and put them through our apprenticeship program. As they receive their education, their wages increase. The end result is a workforce that gets jobs done faster and at a higher quality; ultimately winning you those better bids.

Fully customizable training.
Plus, if you have a large project that requires new training (like occupied space certification for a hospital job, for example), we’ll put a class on just for you. It will cover the best, safest, fastest way to get the work done.

Bottom line: If you have a need, we have the training.

Fully customizable contracts.
Your situation is unique, and we have the flexibility to draw up a contract that works best for you. When you’re ready to learn more, get in touch with us.