This one is important, so we’ll put it in big, beautiful boldface type:

At absolutely no point will we force workers on you.
Not now, not ever. Before you become a PDC 30 union contractor, who you choose to employ is entirely your business. And after you become a union contractor, it stays that way. The one caveat: When you become union, your workers must become union members as well. Here’s what that process looks like.

Step 1: We evaluate their skill set and place them into our program based on the results.
If it turns out they already have the skills of a journey worker, they’ll instantly become a journey worker. If they need training and education:

Step 2: We enroll them in our apprenticeship program.   
It’s a three-year program, but chances are some of your team will already have skills that will allow them to enroll at an advanced level and become full journey workers in less than three years.

Step 3: You enjoy the consistent growth that comes with employing an expert crew.
When you have a roster of reliable team members, your reputation and opportunities soar. You’re safer, more efficient, and capable of taking on larger, more lucrative jobs.

What if you need temporary labor?
The time may come when you need a worker or two for a one-off project. Whenever you need someone from off the bench, we tap into our affiliate member program. These workers have an established relationship with PDC 30, are fully trained, and they’ll be ready to work for as long as you need them.

Need specific training? Just let us know.
This is one of the most underrated perks of becoming a PDC 30 union contractor. If you have a large project that requires new training, all you have to do is tell us about it. We’ll put on a class—just for you and your team—that covers the safest and fastest way to get the work done with the workers you already have on staff.

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