These eight cards tell two sides of a story. On one side is a union myth we hear on a daily basis. On the other side is the truth. Check them out.


Earn more, not less.

If your business stayed the same after becoming a union contractor, then you’re probably right. Paying your crew union wages wouldn’t work.

Thankfully, partnering with PDC 30 instantly gives you access to more lucrative bids, plus ongoing training and education for you and your team. It’s the right way to retain your crew and sustainably grow the business together.

Becoming a union contractor is a big deal, and we know you have questions. We’re here to answer them before you sign.


Let’s talk about where your money goes.

At PDC 30, we believe in honesty and transparency. Talking about money often makes people uncomfortable, but talking openly about it changes that.

Our benefit package provides your crew with valuable health insurance, pension benefits, and training opportunities. All union administration costs are covered by your crew through membership dues—none of your money goes into our pocket.


Training plus benefits equals loyalty.

Here’s a question. How do you build loyalty in the painting, drywall, and glazing industries? There are a ton of answers, but it comes down to treating your crew right. Even the greatest owner can’t do it alone. A partnership with PDC 30 gives your team access to a massive list of benefits, including healthcare, pension, and industry specific craftsperson safety and skills training.

When you care about their future, they care about yours.


Keep your bread and butter.

At PDC 30, the last thing we want to do is price you out of reliable business. Being a union contractor enables you to bid in a more competitive environment, so you can leave the “race to the bottom” mentality behind.

So we work with you to develop a model that lets you keep your business while simultaneously increasing your opportunities to expand into new markets.


Put your wallet away.

Many contractors think they have to fork over a bunch of cash to become a union contractor, but that just isn’t the case. The reality is you don’t have to pay a single thing up front.

The sign-up process is an easy one, and we walk you through it to make sure you understand all the details and requirements along the way.


Keep your crew.

Owners have a hard time finding and keeping skilled, reliable workers. But being a union contractor gives you an instant resource. Use us to find skilled workers and train your existing team. Then it’s easier than ever to go after bigger and better jobs, with the crew you trust.


Your business is exactly that. Yours.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You’re protective of it, and that pride is something we truly understand. That’s why we need to say this: being a union contractor does not define your business. Your skill, integrity, and reputation do. At PDC 30, we exist to be your resource, your advocate, and your ticket to healthy, measurable growth.


When you grow, we grow.

At PDC 30, we are 100% invested in your success. We advocate and fight for you, we bring you better work opportunities, and we provide the training and education that turns this job into a career for your crew.

We care about your success, and we have the strength and vision to make sure it happens.