Understand Who We Are: Painters District Council No. 30

Aurora-based Painters District Council No. 30 (PDC 30) is a labor union representing construction workers in the finishing industry – painting, drywall finishing, wall covering, and glazing. PDC 30’s geographical jurisdiction covers 32 counties, primarily in North-Central Illinois (three counties are in Wisconsin). Part of our multifaceted mission is to advance the social and economic vitality of the community wherein our members work and live. To that end, we believe that good deeds done in cooperation and collaboration with community organizations, and within communities, establishes goodwill, a positive identity for our union, and high levels of credibility. This credibility is critical to the success of our union. It increases the likelihood of adherence to the union value proposition, encourages community engagement within our membership, and exposes us to workers performing finishing work without representation and/or end-users seeking quality finishing services.

Understand What We Do: PDC 30’s Definition of Service

PDC 30’s Community Partnership Grants involve what we do best: our trade. That means primarily painting and the preparation work necessary to perform a professional job for community organizations. Most of our community volunteer projects are completed in one day, with some preparation occurring beforehand by a special advance team. Projects of a longer duration may be acceptable depending on the time of year and availability of volunteers; however, large and/or complex projects for organizations with available resources for capital improvements and maintenance will likely be encouraged to hire a qualified finishing contractor. All volunteers are skilled tradespersons. Project supervisors and a project manager assure a quality outcome.

PDC 30 reviews applications to determine if the community volunteer project you propose is mutually beneficial for both your organization and PDC 30, and the project is achievable within a reasonable timeframe and cost parameters. Following the application deadline, PDC 30 schedules a project assessment with Bid Evolution, a partnering service that – at no cost to the Applicant – determines the project scope (supplies needed, timeframe, number of members needed to perform the work, any specialized health and safety equipment and provisions required, etc.). Multiple projects are approved (awarded Community Partnership Grants). PDC 30 endeavors to complete projects at little or no cost to organizations awarded a grant; however, there are situations when costly material is required to complete a project according to the vision of the applicant (specialized finishes and techniques, historic or vintage objects, etc.), and the assessment can determine cost sharing if necessary. Projects selected for a grant are scheduled for completion within a mutually agreed-upon timeframe.

Jurisdictional Boundaries

Grant Awards will be limited to organizations located within or serving residents of the following 32 counties that make up PDC 3’s jurisdiction: Boone, Bureau, DeKalb, DuPage, Ford, Fulton, Hancock, Iroquois, JoDaviess, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, LaSalle, Lee, Livingston, Marshall, Mason, McDonough, McHenry, McLean, Ogle, Peoria, Putnam, Schuyler, Stark, Stephenson, Tazewell, Winnebago, and Woodford in Illinois; and Green, Rock, and Walworth Counties in Wisconsin.

Union painters respect trade jurisdictions; thus, we cannot and will not perform work that is within the exclusive purview of another trade union (carpentry, masonry, installation of flooring, etc.).

Community Partnership Grant Application Cycle

Grant applications are due no later than 5:00PM on June 30, 2020. Following the application deadline, multiple grant projects will be awarded throughout PDC 30’s geographical boundaries and scheduled throughout fall/winter 2020 and winter/spring 2021. All applicants will receive notification regarding the status of their application by August 1, 2020.

Applicants are encouraged to complete and submit an application online, beginning April 1st. Click on APPLY below to create an account and apply online. Once you create an account, you will be able to log in, save your progress, and return to your application as many times as you wish.

Paper applications will also be accepted via mail and email. Fill out the contact form below to receive a pdf of the application.




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To submit your grant application to Painters District Council No. 30:

  1. Review your application in entirety, and click the “Submit” button below. You will receive a confirmation email with a PDF copy of your application upon successful completion. Please call Marisa Richards (630.377.2120) if you do not receive this email.
  2. All applications must be submitted by 5:00PM on June 30, 2020.
  3. All applicants will receive notification regarding the status of their application by August 1, 2020.