All North-Central Illinois nonprofit organizations are invited to apply between April 1st and June 3rd.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 2024 grant program. This year, we will award $20,000 in funding to one organization benefiting children and we will award renovation services to multiple organizations throughout North-Central Illinois.

“Since we launched this grant program in 2017, we’ve provided $95,000 in funding to seven organizations and coordinated renovations for more than 50 organizations in our community,” said Marisa Richards, PDC 30’s Director of Outreach & Engagement. “Our union members care a great deal for our communities and enjoy the feeling that comes with bringing about positive change. We’re excited to showcase our craft and give back in any way that we can.”

About the Community Partnership Grant
The Community Partnership Grant is awarded to organizations needing assistance to complete a renovation project that will make a difference within their community. Nonprofits in need of skilled volunteers and materials for a project involving painting, drywall finishing, or glazing are invited to apply. Three (3) projects will be awarded throughout PDC 30’s geographical boundaries and scheduled throughout fall/winter 2024 and winter/spring 2025.

About the PATCH Foundation Grant
The PATCH Foundation Grant is awarded to organizations needing financial assistance to develop or enhance a community program for children. Any North-Central Illinois nonprofit working to improve the lives of children and solving a need within the community is invited to apply for funding. The award is $20,000.

Apply online at PDC30.com/grant
All applications must be submitted by 4:00PM on June 3, 2024. Visit pdc30.com/grant for detailed information about both grant opportunities and to apply online. Grant winners will be announced by August 1, 2024.