Want to eliminate all or most of your out-of-pocket and upfront fees for vision care services? The PDC 30 Health & Welfare Plan has announced a new vision benefit that makes this possible. Effective January 1, 2018, eligible Plan participants joined the VSP network, one of the largest vision care provider networks in the healthcare market. 

The addition of VSP’s program offers an easy and convenient way to avoid upfront payment for basic products and services, to reduce the costs of eyewear and contact lenses, and to save available reimbursement dollars for other out-of-pocket medical expenses.

If you are eligible for health benefits under the PDC 30 Plan, you will receive in the mail a detailed summary of the VSP benefits, answers to questions, and an illustration to help you understand how the VSP benefit can reduce the amount you pay out-of-pocket to VSP providers. 

In short, participants will receive an annual exam at no out-of-pocket cost if the exam is performed by a VSP network provider. Then, VSP also covers the first $180 of the cost of one set of new glasses per individual, every two years, and new lenses annually (or, instead, use the $180 allowance annually for contact lenses, subject to a copay of up to $25). For amounts over individual allowances, including for additional glasses and prescription sunglasses, a 20% discount is automatically applied. For participants who require specialized products and services, such as lens enhancements (progressive lenses, for example), for diabetic eye care, and/or for retinal screening, VSP has negotiated reasonable copayment amounts that limit what vision care providers will charge.

For more information, consult the material sent to eligible members, or contact the Benefits Office, at 630-513-9500.