Many finishing contractors think joining PDC 30 means they have to kiss their previous business goodbye. Not so fast, my friend.

Up until recently, joining PDC 30 did indeed mean you had to increase your rates. This would very often result in members losing revenue when their customers didn’t want to pay more for the work.

But a few years ago, we took a look at the policy and realized it didn’t make much sense.

At PDC 30, the last thing we want to do is price you out of your current business. We’re here to make sure you never again have to lower your rates until you win the bid. That race to the bottom is unhealthy for the industry and for your bottom line. So instead:

You keep your bread and butter business.
The money your company brings in is a huge deal, and we 100% do not want to mess with it. That’s why we have the flexibility to put special wage and benefit packages together that allow union contractors to bid higher for more lucrative work—while maintaining their previous work at the rates they established before they joined.

No two agreements are the same, because no two companies are the same. We work side-by-side with you to create a plan that lets you keep your existing customers while simultaneously expanding into new and exciting markets.

Total no brainer, right? We think so, too. 

Want to know more about our myth busting ways? Visit pdc30.com/myths or ask us a question today.