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The PDC 30 Benefits Office is now accepting applications from PDC 30 members interested in participating in the Painters District Council No. 30 Finishing Industries Retirement Savings Plan (RSP). The RSP is a new 401(k) plan of retirement benefits created exclusively for PDC 30 members to help save additional money now for use during your retirement years. 401(k) plans are a good way to plan for retirement because employee (member) payroll contributions are made with pretax money, before income taxes are calculated, and investment earnings accumulate on a tax-deferred basis.   

The RSP is easy to use. Participation, in the form of member payroll withholdings, is completely voluntary and you can start or stop your RSP participation at any time. When you are ready, simply decide what percentage of your gross pay you want your employer to withhold each pay period, from your earnings, complete an RSP Application, and submit it to the Benefits Office. Your application will be processed and your employer will be notified of your RSP election and the effective date that they should begin your withholdings. Achieve your retirement goals by preparing today! 

If you have any questions about participating in the RSP, please contact the Benefits Office at 630-513-9500, or by email at RSP@pdc30.com. 

Questions & Answers about the RSP