On Saturday, April 17th, PDC 30 conducted a STARs Finalist Drawing to determine the 2021 STARS Grand Prize and Secondary Grand Prize Finalists. During the drawing, five (5) finalists were drawn for the Grand Prize Drawing and five (5) finalists were drawn for the Secondary Grand Prize Drawing. Later this spring, these 10 finalists will participate in the STARs Award Ceremony at PDC 30’s headquarters in Aurora, to determine the official 2021 winners. The Award Ceremony results will be posted online following the event.

This year, 364 members qualified for STARs prizes, 155 members qualified for at least one entry into the Secondary Grand Prize drawing, and 180 members qualified for the Grand Prize drawing. 

Congratulations to the official 2021 STARs finalists announced during PDC 30’s STARs drawing on Saturday, April 17th: Grand Prize Finalists: Antonio Valadez, Corey King, Javier Nunez, Jeremy McElya, and Joel Garibay-Lomeli; and Secondary Grand Prize Finalists: Luis Carreon, Charles McDonald, Adam Schoch, James Michalski, and Mark Hansen.

The STARs Finalist Drawings were overseen by the official 2021 STARs Prize Drawing Oversight Committee, made up of PDC 30 members and LMIDF Board Trustees. Committee members were present to witness the insertion of each finalist ticket into the drawing tumblers and to witness the subsequent drawings. Committee members were responsible for ensuring that all individuals that qualified for a prize entry, or multiple prize entries, were accounted for in the respective drawing tumblers, and attesting that the drawing was conducted in a fair and orderly process.

Thanks to all of the members that participated in STARs trianing throughout 2020. We look forward to hosting an in-person STARs Award Ceremony & Member Appreciation Picnic in 2022!